SPINE HR: Your Ultimate HR Solution


We all know that there are a plethora of industries and sectors out there in the market having zillions of companies operating under them. Of all the different sectors, one thing that remains uniform is the kind of HR activities that takes place in their HRD. To name a few:

No matter how different the sectors are, these primary activities will always remain the same like the joining formalities, the salary distribution, training modules, etc. But the thing is most of the medium and small size companies are shifting from wading through spreadsheets and filing cabinets to using HR software. These HR Software take care of the complete 360-degree processing of Human Capital Management.

Spine HR Suite takes care of your entire HR processes while you take care of your employees including:

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1) Employee Onboarding

Spine HR Suite automates the entire recruiting and hire onboarding process. The software efficiently tracks all the job openings, online applicants, resumes, clients and contacts using the centralized requisition dashboard. This software makes the hiring process productive. It sends automated notifications including signed consent, forms, etc. The software creates amazing tailored content from offer letter to first anniversary wishes.

2) Tracking Time & Attendance

Spine HR Suite automates employee tracking and consolidates timesheet management and attendance details of each employee. It simplifies labour tracking, and data collection, reducing the burden of absenteeism. The software also manages time-off requests and leave types, which helps you to minimize compliance risk and improve workforce productivity.

3) Performance Evaluation

This software is easiest way to conduct meaningful performance reviews. It conveniently identifies the skills of your employees, their areas of improvement and aligns employee goals with business goals. Set business goals, tracks and measures employee goals, engage employees with performance reviews, rate job performance and more! To know more about Performance Evaluation, please click here.

4) Future Ready Solutions

Our software not only supports the current process but also covers the updates that the industry needs. Be it a startup or a mere multinational company, Spine HR Suite has got it covered across any industry!

5) Cloud-based System

Your business grows and does the amount of payroll data. It is the maintenance of this data that becomes a task! You may store piles of papers and data manually or create a whole database, but clearly, it is not reliable bait. Spine HR Suite, being cloud-based software, enables convenience by automating and saving your records in the cloud.


Investing in Spine HR Suite is a wise call as it simply makes your life easy! Choose 360 degree approach for your organization with this software.