5 Powerful Hacks to Improve Employee Engagement


With the organizations embracing new cultures for millennials, one culture that has seen acceptance widely is 'Employee-first culture'. Today, in most organizations, employers are turning their head towards employees instead of just chasing profits. The study says that organizations with engaging employees are seen to have Organic Growth. They say that, 'Your employees have a significant impact on the quality of the experience you deliver to your customers'. So creating a truly effective engagement is the key strategy! But first, let's look into what exactly 'Employee Engagement' means.

What is Employee Engagement?

Employee engagement is a state where the employee is proactively and passionately adding value to company's goals, aligning his personal goals to the company's. It is when a company's values, goals and strategies align with values goals and strategy of the individual, full engagement happens!

Why does an organization need engaged employees?

Engaged employees:

Engaged employees are great and they are every organization's need! Engagement requires a company to address employee's different personal needs. So how do we get more and more engaged employees?

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Here are 5 way for us to optimize Employee Engagement:

1) Encourage Employees to Candor

In modern-day organization, employees hold valuable ideas and are eager to place their ideas down on the table. If they are encouraged and given a platform to speak their minds, they can come up solutions that can help push your organization forward. Many times, employees fear judgments and tend to avoid communicating their thoughts. That's exactly what needs to be fixed!

2) Be Transparent

Organizational transparency is directly proportional to employees' happiness. Employees feel highly accepted when they are trusted with some sensitive information. That way, they feel obliged and dedicated towards their organization. This further leads to employees staying connected to organization's bigger picture, creating creative solutions, maintaining stability and efficiency.

3) Mentor the needy ones

No matter how productive your employee is, there will be a time when he might begin to experience problems, that when you need to step forward and help the employee. A personal touch to the whole approach creates positivity among employees to explore more for the better good. Giving a direction to those who are struggling in their job would be highly a point of motivation.

4) Create Opportunities-Prone Environment

A guaranteed way to engage your employees is to let them feel productive. If the skills and talent of engaging employees are put to relevant use they feel encouraged. The source of happiness for these kinds of staff is a bunch of opportunities. These people feed on self-growth and improvement. Clearly self-improvement and growth leads to better performance and hence contributes to the organizational goals.

5) Promote Group-Assignments

The famous quote, “Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.” by Helen Keller is true in every way. It is together in a group that employees brainstorm, provide value and design creative solutions. With the organizations getting more and more competent, it has become extremely important for managers to encourage creativity in the office to improve productivity and promote healthy employee relationships.

To summarize, the best hack to improve employee engagement is acknowledging the employees' existence and their work! Rest, you can simply ask your employees on what needs to be done to make their time at work more fruitful and bet you will be surprised to see the results!