Mobile HR Software: A Game Changer


Back in 2017, an editorial in Technology pointed out that, 'Users believe that they can be more productive if they have smartphones to use'. This has led to the coinage: BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) - a new HR acronym. This has further pushed business from introducing different devices to encouraging their employees to use their own device!

In the age of smart-watches, most people in the metropolitan cities at least own a large screen smartphone or tablets. With everything turning online using smartphones starting from online shopping, booking tickets, etc. Spine Technologies considered why not take HR to mobile phones?

So first thing's first,

What is Mobile HR Software?

Spine Technologies' Mobile HR Software enables you and your employees to use mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets and get an access into the regular HR related data and process. Any employee can check or update HR process related to him like updating his profile, Leave Application, Claim approvals and so forth.

Why switch to Spine Technologies' Mobile HR Software?

This Mobile HR Software allows:

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All in all, it is important to note that, Spine Technologies have designed the whole software to be responsive – that is it compatible to any screen size, be it desktop, tablet or smartphones. The sole purpose to design or optimize this HRMS to mobile phones is that it can serve as a Self-service to all the employees and managers! How convenient is that, isn't it?