It's that time of the year in India, where the major festive season has begun! The festive season is the best time of the year for most organizations as it is the ‘business-making season' for them. Greater footfall, increase in orders, better marketing strategy for attracting customers, etc. But as they see a surge in sales, there is also a boost in the workload. But, one of the challenges that these organizations observe that is managing staff during the festive season. Most of the staff applies for leaves to enjoy the holiday spree.

So here we are jotting down 5 hacks that can aid you in managing your employee inventory during such peak seasons.

5 Hacks to manage staff like a pro:

1) Plan a Schedule

Most corporate offices, plan out the leaves for the entire year before-hand. They know when to expect rush and when could be the slack period for them. They discuss the leaves with their employees as to know when they want leaves using a ‘Leave Planner'. In most companies leaves schedules are discussed three to five months in advance. In Spine Leave Module, there is a scheduler that helps the organization to sort out the planned leaves easily.

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2) First come, first served

Well, if advance planning isn't quite a workable option for you or there are large amount employees who want to take leaves at the same time, then you can save the day for your company by limiting the approvals of such leaves. You can put a limit on sanctioning the leave based on first-come-first-served. You can also set a closing date for all the leave applications with proper reasoning. Then, after evaluating the needs of each employee, approve leaves. There's another way employees can line-up their leaves ie. Peer-Positioning. In the module, employees can check when are their peers/colleagues on leave and can then manage their own leaves, accordingly.

3) Pamper them

While the most of the employees want to go on a leave during fest, you can lure them with some benefits. You can motivate your employees with extra perks like consideration on the late marks, celebrations, recreational activities, etc. There are few employees who can cut short their leaves for such perks.

4) Work from Home

While some employees go to their native place during the fests, there are few who can manage to get your work from the convenience of their home. If their presence is not required at the workplace, work from home is a very productive way to get things done without having to bring in additional staff.

5) 5. Keep part-timers handy

Well, even the best-laid plans can fall apart! So if the above hacks don't really come to your rescue you can try some contingency plans when it comes to your staffing. You can hire some part-timers/ freelancers who can help you sustain during the heavy festive season.


For employees or any individual, holidays are the happiest time of the year. Working during the holidays is never easy. As a manager, you need to understand the odds because, you can't hurt their feelings as well as you can't let the organization's end stay loose. Strike that balance by keeping the atmosphere at work fun and focused on the great job your employees are doing.

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