Employee engagement and satisfaction play a vital role in determining the success of an organization. Off the many employee engagement factors, leave application and receiving its approval on time plays a very important role. As an employer, managing leaves is quite a challenge! Your employees need leaves and there you stand in a situation where you need to show compassion for your employees as well as maintain a smooth functioning of your organization!

Back in the old days, leave applications saw a delay in acknowledgment of the application followed by its approval. Unexpected delays in granting leaves, inefficiencies in leave transactions for the employees, and financial leakages due to unnoticed leave transactions resulted in the inconvenience of the business.

That's exactly why, today, businesses started turning their head towards Leave Management Software.

What is Leave Management Software?

Leave Management Software is nothing but a system that allows employees to apply for leaves and manage their time and attendance. It is a portal where Managers can view and approve leave requests in real time. The system evaluates each request against the employee leave balances tracking all outstanding, approved and unapproved employees leave applications and maintain records as required.

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Spine Leave Management Software allows you to tackle multiple concerns in a single stroke. You can customize the leave policies according to the nature of your work culture or business goals and can make better decisions when it comes to employee leave concerns. The software streamlines leave processes and automate accurate tracking and recording of employee absenteeism.

Some of the KEY FEATURES of Spine Leave Management Module:

The software also gives you real pictures of your employee's work outlining who is giving enough efforts to your business or who is investing enough hours at work but is unable to complete tasks on time. Based on the performance of your employees, you can work out on rewarding him increment or promotion for motivation purpose.


Handling leave management manually can result in errors, but Spine Leave Management Module makes the task a little easier effortlessly. Setting up an effective leave automation system creates a connection between employees and employers where there is more productivity. Good workforce management practices implemented helps any organization to accelerate growth. Click here to learn more about other such HR modules or follow us on FB and Linkedin to learn more about Spine Technologies.