Today, with the expansion of the businesses and the recruitment of the manpower, most of these growing companies need a reliable Payroll Software. As, more the employees, more the paperwork! The human resource department has to manage the cumbersome payroll process manually. What many organizations fail to understand is that manual payroll processing can cost businesses heavily; not only in terms of human error or non-compliance but also in terms of productivity. On the other hand, an automated payroll management system enables the employer to process its payroll through a computerized system. The latter makes the payroll process simpler, error-free and more effective against the manual process. Again, if you are already using payroll software, you might need to reconsider how reliable is it? Is it accurate? Is it up to date?

Check out these growth hacks that you help you understand how ideal Spine Payroll, the best payroll software, is for your business?

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1) HR Procedures Hack

While the HR procedures are multifarious, our payroll software simplifies them by streamlining payroll processes that add to the productivity of the organization. It reduces the accounting workload, which enables you to extract accurate reports in just one click. Spine payroll eliminates the chance of computing mistakes and effectively produces error-free data and reports.

2) Calculation Hack

Spine Payroll makes computation very easy. It simplifies the calculations involved related to the wages and salary deductions, saving time and money. Also, with an automated payroll system like ours, the tax rates are coded in the system that reduces the likelihood of tax errors. Our payroll management system performs all types of payments: salaries, commissions, bonuses, overtime, pay raises, leave balances, wage deductions and payout & salary reconciliation.

3) Productive Hack

Spine Payroll influences the efficiency of the payroll process and thus the growth and development of your organization. With the help of this automated system, the HR department gets more proficient, accurate and flawless output. Moreover, a manual payroll process would engage your HR personnel for long hours; this time can be saved in other work domains instead. The data extracted from it shows even the slightest of variations that highlight areas of improvement.

4) Tax Management Hack

The HR personnel can minimize the stress related to employee reporting obligations with the help of Spine Payroll. The tax computation is intricate in nature, not to mention the revision of tax provision on Y-o-Y basis. In case of revision, we at Spine, hold a record of getting it streamlined in 15 days across our network system. Our payroll management system is quick, efficient and comprehensive with in-built statutory compliance. It avoids inaccurate financial statements and penalties by syncing and consolidating employee data and regulatory rules, leaving no room for an oversight!

5) Forecasting Hack

This software allows you to fetch information on the go, from salary and leave management to monthly reconciliation. It also provides you with value-driven charts and financial data that help you to further forecast. Moreover, based on the data it shares, you can predict future payroll expenditures that will help you make adjustments and assessments on financial note. Spine Payroll provides real-time access to your company’s database that helps the organization to determine future goals and objectives.


To make it short, Spine Payroll serves multiple benefits to your organization. On a day-to-day basis, streamline many workforce management tasks within your company and boosts productivity on a larger scale.