All you need to know about SPINE's Performance Management Software

What is performance management software?

Performance management software is designed to simply evaluate employees’ performance and productivity. It automates the whole performance management process by setting business goals, aligning business goals with employees and evaluating the performance of the employees or teams in the organization with real-time tracking.

Does your organization need Performance Management Software?

Yes, every organization needs to consider installing this Software for following reasons:

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Spine Performance Management Module:

Spine Performance Management Module streamlines the performance review process in a coherent way and provides productive inputs to both – the organization as well as the employees. It eliminates the complete convolution of decisions based on conventional practices by simplifying reviewing in more structured and organized manner.

What are the features of Performance Management Software?


Spine Performance Module provides certain valuable metrics. It is a system capable of giving precise inputs regarding performance objectives, bell curve generation, rating scales, graphical representation of data, etc.


The performance software summarizes the employee's contributions over following periods: Monthly, Quarterly, Six monthly, Yearly or User defined. With every cycle of performance reviews, extensive data record is collected. Managers can put this data to use by giving timely feedback. The system also allows compilation of data from different participants in the review process.


This software allows concluding the level of employee’s performance or achievement. An employee’s KRA ratingsfrom HOD, Peer, Subordinate, etc.are recorded along with option of Grace rating & Negative rating. The rating points range is from 1 – 5. Apart from rating scale, inputs are also collected from different participants in the review process on accomplishments.The software allows us to provide detailed description along with rating scale that enables employees to understand the ratings better and prompts them to take the feedback more seriously as they are more detailed.


Spine Performance Module gives us detailed reports including performance review and feedback, journal entries and status. Reports are not only created on Employee Performance but also on training and development. With every cycle of performance reviews, with hundreds of data record collected, automated reports are created.

5) Goals and Achievements Management:

The software enables creation of defined and effective goals (including timelines), combined with a track of progress and identification of obstacles. This contributes to monitor achievements and bottom line results.

6) PIP:

Performance Improvement Plan is easier, as the software allows identification of weak areas of employees for monitoring improvisation. Spine HR Suite includes evaluation of key job responsibilities, current project work, relevant competencies, goals and achievements.

7) Normalizationand Succession Planning:

A great feature also lets normalization of appraisal scores to introduce greater objectivity in the employee performance review software of an organization.It removes any personal biases from the appraisal scores further enabling rise in the Compensation of the employees.The software also produces reports from which the management can choose the set of people who deserve to be nominated for next level roles and then can be groomed. It comes with a feature where training module are developed for individual employees can be set up.