How Can Employee Self-Service System Help's Employees and HR Department?

HR department has to give a lot of time answering frequent questions of the employee regarding salary break up, leave deduction, change of address or contact details, updating beneficiaries etc. This is where Employee Self Service Module comes in place. Once an organization provides employee login information of the module. An employee can login and get their questions answered or post a request which will save the time of an employee and that of HR department.

Employees have access to a secure web-based and user-friendly portal where they can download Employee Handbook and other documents, view Company Directory, share their thoughts through Polls, View company events, Provide feedback, Apply for open positions and update their data. Employee self-service can help many companies save labor hours and increase efficiency and employee engagement.

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Key Benefits of Employee Service Module:

1) Cut down on queries:

HR spends a significant amount of their time in query handling.  A user-friendly ESSM allows employees to find answers to frequently asked questions.

2) Ensure Data Accuracy:

Putting the accuracy of the information into the hands of the person who knows their information best, the employee.

3) 24/7 Access:

Employee can access the information anytime and from anywhere and get queries solved.

4) Access Salary Slips: 

Employee can view their Profile, Payslip (CTC / MONTHLY / YEARLY with Comparison statements).

5) Data Protection:

Employee login with stringent password policies & data protection.  

6) Income tax declaration:

Income tax declaration by employee & approval by ADMIN team.

7) Assets:

Employee can view assets allocated to them by the company.

8) Investment Proof:

Investment proof can be submitted by the employee.

9) Dynamic Dashboard: 

Dynamic dashboard with configurable widgets.

10) Holiday Calendar:

Holiday calendar can be viewed with even photo library.