Transformation from Traditional HR to Digital HR

How can an organization Save Time, Cost, Manpower and Overhead Charges While Performing HR and Admin Activities?

Before we go into the comparison of Traditional HRMS and Digital HRMS let us tell you why it is important to have Digital HRMS.

If you have worked in HR you would have experienced this, working in HR is just like peeling an onion the more layers you peel the more layers goes on coming just like layers, tasks in HR are unending if they are managed manually.

Traditional Human Resource consists of paper-intensive, non-innovative area, where decisions pertaining to issues like salaries, hiring, team-building and so on are conducted. The department has been synonymous with piles of paperwork and a constant struggle to keep up with compliance and unending stacks of employee information.

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HRMS Software: How about we tell you performing all tasks of HR and Admin activities is as simple as buying any product on E-Commerce Website or updating your profile on Social media website or the way you transfer your funds through net banking. YES!! This is how HR and Admin Department will save time, cost, manpower and overhead charges once the organization starts using HRMS Software. HR automation plays an instrumental role by helping streamline HR processes to drive efficiency. By digitizing tedious HR processes and revamping how employee workforce is managed, HR can focus on rethinking core HR operations, transform HR strategy with a digital approach and expedite digital transformation. 

Traditional HR Digital HR
Going green by reducing the paperwork. Unnecessary Paperwork.
Providing 360-degree employee view. Shortsighted views of employees.
Automates entire payroll process. Time consuming manual payroll process.
Easy onboarding and platform adoption. Time-consuming onboarding and process.
Data security. Data can be misplaced or stolen.