Spine Selfie Attendance

Real Time Face Recognition Attendance System

Spine's Biometric face recognition attendance system verify user’s face in less than 1 Sec. Spine offers Next-Gen Real time Contactless Technology and Secured Communication between Server and Mobile which is end-to end encrypted . Spine uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) based Computer Vision to capture and recognise the face of an employee and it can be seamlessly integrated with existing HRMS.

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In COVID-19 era, Touchless
Attendance is a must!

Say goodbye to biometric machines!

- Post COVID-19 pandemic, biometric attendance systems have been prohibited as they are considered a critical transmitter of virus/bacteria.
- Common surface (fingerprint reader) of Biometric punching machine is touched by all employees; leading to ban on its usage by Corporates, including Government offices.
- Hence, most organizations have moved back to manual attendance, which is error prone and difficult to manage specially for medium and large-sized organizations

What is Spine Selfie Attendance?

Next-Gen Touchless Technology for your Time & Attendance needs

AI Face Recognition

AI based computer vision for face detection & recognition


Inbuilt algorithm for optional mask detection

Real Person Detection

Algorithm to differ between real person & photo

Detects One Person at a Time

Detects only one person at a time even in a group of people

High Accuracy & Speed

Face Recognition takes less than a second with >99.9 % accuracy

Edge Data Processing

Device works even in offline mode & syncs data to cloud once internet connectivity resumes

Industry Standard Encryption

End-to-end encryption with AES 128-Bit and HTTPS


Server & data reside in India. Designed, engineered & manufactured in India

How it works?

Your presence and facial recognition is all it takes!

Spine Selfie Attendance Ecosystem

Face Recognition Technology & Cloud Storage enabled for carefree check-ins

Endless Possibilities

Centrally Manage all your Time & Attendance Needs

Cloud App

Sync all employee master data & recognition logs to Cloud
Integrate Cloud App to existing HRMS

Mobile App

Manage your office attendance directly from your pocket
Mark attendance, apply leave, and get leave stats at your ease
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