Of course exit of an employee is sad but you know what is even sadder?
A hefty Exit process! With Spine HR Suite, an employee can apply for resignation online through the portal with all the necessary documents and the same can be approved hierarchically. On top of that, you have all the reports regarding the Full & Final Settlement of the employees. No More Hassle, that’s what Spine offers you!

Exit Route

Employees can apply resignation online with the proper details and attachment of actual letter. The same can be approved with Multi-Hierarchical.

Exit Clearance

Complete department-wise clearances can be managed. The HR can review or revoke the separation activity at any point of time and any where.


Employee Life Cycle-FAQs

ESS Self Onboarding software allows HR managers to create their own custom pages for employees to fill out, allowing new hires to undergo certain pieces of training before they even start. This is an excellent way to ensure your new hires have a relaxing, stress-free first day where they feel comfortable engaging with your staff and aren’t overwhelmed with information.
Employee engagement surveys allow employers to ensure that they form an emotional and mental connection with their employees, which can help improve employee safety. Engaged employees are more likely to be connected to the workplace which makes them more aware of their surroundings.
Exit interview information is generally reviewed by HR, to look for trends or recurring issues that should be addressed. For example, if several employees leave and blame low compensation, HR might recommend a salary survey be done.


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