Oh the tedious process of collection, sorting, selecting, calling up the candidates and what not!
Spine HR Suite is here to save the day! We have made recruiting easier throughout the pandemic and are sure to make it even simpler after it! From the creation of master to gathering candidate’s data during onboarding, everything is at your fingertips with Spine HR Suite.

Dashlets & Reports

One page synopsis of the data which presents HR to employees ratio analysis, annual HR turnover, cost per hire and various reports are available to monitor recruitment process.

Master Bank

Create your own JD-Master based on skill set and critical requirements. Register staffing partners and Job postings for further evaluation purpose.

Candidate Data

Gather and store candidates data with various methods of input. Such as bulk import, manual entry & resume parsing. Duplicacy Controls to avoid constrain data.

Vacancy Requisition

Vacancy request can be raised by every department based on new head count required, recruitment budgeting or replacements.

Interviewing Process

On the basis of multi level selection of the candidates, the interview details can be managed with the feedback on interview and recommendation of candidates.

Selection Process

Based on the interview process the selection details can be managed with pre-joining and recruitment cost input. User-definable offer letters can be generated and issued to candidates.
Applicant Tracking System (ATS) helps companies organise candidates for hiring and recruitment purposes. These systems allow businesses to collect information, organise prospects based on experience and skill set, and filter applicants.
Manpower Requisition Form is a physical letter format submitted to the higher authority of the organisation regarding vacant positions in an organisation. It is a request form to hire a new employee for a vacant position. This form is also known as vacancy requisition form, new hire requisition form or personnel requisition form.
A candidate database allows recruiters to look up large applicant pools and speed up the recruitment process by easily narrowing down the best candidates according to new job requirements. Candidate database management will also increase your quality of recruitment.

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