“Automation is all the hype in HR!” Is it really though?

Automation has become a necessity in this digital era but there are many more factors- trends for the lack of a better word, that make HR tasks easier. While automation is inevitable, in this blog we’d like to talk about other trends that are sure to be of great utility in the near as well as definite future.

– Automated Recruitment

It is the era when the average time for filling up a vacancy keeps going higher and higher. HR Managers and Recruiters need to find ways to minimise this time taken. Experts and analysts expect recruitment to be the biggest concern of employers. It was difficult to recruit skilled employees back in the day. But now with education being accessible to almost everyone. And modern methods of choosing a candidate from the given pool has boosted the rate at which good employees are being hired. Modern methods include screening, applicant tracking, resume parsing, sourcing, matching, etc.

With this level of technological advancement, recruitment is becoming less of an issue. Even though we have great tech to improve recruitment, they need to keep getting better. Recruitment is a continuous process and so should be improvement.


– HR & People Analytics

Data interpretation all the way! The new methods of management tell us, in contrary of what traditional ones have been telling- that HR should be data driven! The more data you have, the better your decision making ability gets. But of course, you cannot get employee data in a day. Data collection is a time consuming process and asks to be updated from time to time. The best way to start building up employee data is implementation of AI in your HR Department. It is not as difficult as it sounds though. Implementation of a simple HRMS can help you get started. Spine HR Suite is a great tool that grows as you grow and helps you maintain a proper track of your employees. You can learn more about HR Analytics here and AI in HR here.


– Employer Branding

Employer branding is the long-term promotion of a company, organisation or an individual to a target group. Employer branding, after the pandemic has become a crucial survival tactic. If you do not recruit right now, it might harm your goodwill as an employer. As people are looking for a job and companies are looking for employees which desire to upskill and improve, employer branding helps them to land on the same page.


– Continuous Learning & Reskilling

One of the most important HR trends and practices for companies in the near future, will be the upskilling and reskilling of the workforce. An employee should be a continuous learner. They should be more than willing to learn more skills that help them excel in their job. Alongside that, upskilling also makes them research about more effective ways in which the job can be done. Reskilling, Upskilling and Continuous learning have a direct effect with employee performance.


In conclusion, there are many more futuristic things related to HR than just automation. With advancing technology and penetration of AI in our daily lives, HR is left no behind. But at the end of the day, HR is all about managing the Human Resources. So it comes down to employee and worker satisfaction which can only be achieved by connecting with them on an emotional level. You can integrate automation and AI in your HR department as well by implementing Spine HR Suite! You can learn more about Spine Technologies here.

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  1. Thanks for sharing the recent trends in HR. It is very informative and helpful article to learn about HR functions.

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