Worried about proxy marking of attendance? Looking for a good & reliable attendance marking system? Then this blog is exactly for you! In this blog we will be going through what exactly is Geo Tagging & Geo Fencing and how it is beneficial with regards to Attendance marking.


geo tagging and geo fencing


Geo Tagging & Geo Fencing are two different processes which aids hassle free attendance process. Let’s understand each of these one by one.

Geo Tagging


Geo Tagging lets you add geographical information in the form of latitudes and longitude making it easier for you to know the employees’ location along with report time and leave time. This allows you to keep an eye on your employees who are out on the field. Geo tagging can also be used to authenticate attendance with location and selfie based marking so that you have the exact coordinates of your employees when they mark their attendance. The following are the features of Geo Tagging with respect to attendance marking:


Monitor Employees

Geo Tagging enables you to tag your employees geographically and track them while they are on duty. Be absolutely sure instead of assuming! This makes sure that your employees are in the workplace and working. And with the Spine HR mobile app you can monitor your employees from anywhere at any time! Ensuring work progress has never been easier!


No More Proxy Marking

With Geo Tagging you don’t have to worry about proxy marking of attendance anymore! The attendance of your employees is not only recorded with their biometrics/ face scan/ selfie but also with precise location. This way you can ensure the presence of the employee at the work sites and diminish proxy attendance markings.


Elevate Productivity

No Proxies, more work hours, more employee engagement. What do all these factors indicate? Greater, Elevated Productivity of course! As we have already discussed, Geo Tagging lets you monitor your employees, ensure good workflow and prevent proxy marking of attendance. Performance enhancement is sure to come with productivity elevation!


Elaborated Reports

You’ve monitored your employees, prevented proxy marking of attendance, and increased the organisation’s performance. Now what? It’s month end and you need reports to calculate the employees’ salaries and of course attendance and performance. With an HRM System, you can get elaborated reports including the in and out times, location based selfie attendance for verification and many other such features.


Overall, Geo Tagging is a feature that you would want to consider while choosing a Time and Attendance Software.



Geo Fencing


Geo Fencing enables you to create a digital geographical fence around the workplace which ensures there is no proxy marking of attendance. This boundary makes sure that your employees are actually at the workplace and prevents breaching of workplace boundaries. This fence can be defined and edited by the authority as required with no restrictions on the types of dimensions. Below listed are the features of od Geo Fencing with regards to an Attendance software:


Cost Reduction

Be it traditional register entries or the “modern” clunky biometric systems, you would have to invest in some sort of system implementation and a constant maintenance cost. With Geo Fencing, you can create a virtual geographical boundary which would ensure the proper marking of attendance only when the employees enter the company premises. This not only adds to prevention of proxies but also costs much less than the other options in the market.


Boundary Definition

Like Discussed above, you can define boundaries around your organisation’s premises. You can define fences with no restrictions on type of dimensions and can also create multiple fences for different office locations as well as employee or HR requirements. Geo Fencing technology allows you to approve or reject attendance requests by checking the fence territories.


Summarizing, Geo Fencing lets you be assured that your employees are at the workplace, at the proper time. Along with this, the data can be verified via location based selfie attendance marking and the in and out time markings.

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