A company without a dedicated team is not much of a company, and for Startups hiring the suitable employee is a tough nut to crack. The company, as well as the candidates, must learn about the needs and requirement of the company and proceed accordingly. For Startups the hiring process is even more challenging because they stand against the bigger accomplished business with their large army of recruiters. Yet, there are plenty of ways which would help the startups reel in the best talent for their organization. From sourcing candidates, screening them, interviewing them and finally shortlisting them is a huge task. Inboxes get spammed with resumes which should be filtered according to the needs of the company and the skills of the candidates. The hiring spree should be managed accordingly to lift up the best talent and develop a strong workforce for the startups

Rules to be incorporated for the long run

Let them know

A startup should never mask the needs of the company. They must be transparent about the company requirements and necessities. Huge chaos will be generated in the hiring process and after the candidates are hired. Overburdened with the new responsibilities or the changing environment the newly hired employees might not be able to give their best in the work zone. Moreover, if the needs are clearly stated, a candidate would judge for himself whether they have compatible skills or not. This would save the crucial time of company as well as the candidates.

A Positive Relationship

A positive relationship is something that must be incorporated into professional life. A startup which has a negative attitude brings a bad name to the organization. Although as a recruiter, one must not hire every job seeker, but they can develop goodwill and rapport with each one of them. If a candidate emerges out not to be a good fit for the organization, they must be encouraged to develop the requisite skills and requirements that would help them in future job opportunities.

Have a combination of all

A startup company can not comprise of candidates limited to a particular age group. It requires fresher talent that has raw talent and modern skills which can be further nurtured as the company grows and, it also requires an experienced slot of people with experienced skill sets and deep understanding of the industry.

Take some additional help

The startup hiring process is not a one man army game. Moreover, experiences speak for themselves and hiring the right talent for the startup is developed eventually with practice. An additional consult would never bring any loss to the company. A recruiter can always consult people or dear friends who have hired for the required roles to know the proper hiring steps which include,effective viewing the resumes and the questions that must be asked from a candidate. This would help in the final selection process and one may never know in this whole wide process of recruitment, some experienced or some fresher talent is hired that would take their company shares to the next level.

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