Every industry needs a proper HR and payroll processes to function in a better way. As a business owner of the transportation and logistics industry, you may come across a lot of unique challenges which may or may not have a huge impact on other industries. Here in transportation and logistics, people work from different locations and in a different environment. Complex shifts, different time patterns are very common in this industry which needs different levels of monitoring, regularization, and restrictions. Can you think of other challenges? We have the right solution for them!

Why should the transportation industry opt for Spine HRM software?

Are you managing a fleet of vehicles? What is the most challenging part of your business? We are sure that you would have managed your technical difficulties and challenges. So, what’s next? How do you manage your team? Managing the employee data, processing payments, payroll calculation, government reporting and compliance and other influences are the most difficult tasks of your transportation and logistics business that are often ignored. We’d like to deliver a spot-on software solution that will help you manage the entire business in just a few clicks.

It’s tough when your employees are on-the-go, now you can account for them with ease

Track the attendance of your staff who are always on-the-go

In an industry whereby, delivery and shipments are the bread and butter of the trade, staff are always on the go and might not even have the chance to be in their seat in the office. Track their whereabouts at ease using the user-friendly time and attendance function.

Accessibility of system regardless of where your staff is at

Being on the go also means that most of the data and details that the staff will need to access will be on their tablet or mobile devices.  With Spine app, the staff can attend to all their HR needs anywhere and everywhere.

Easy to use Shift-scheduling feature for staff with unavoidable shift work

With the use of a shift-scheduler which links to an HRMS, shifts could now be better planned and HR will need not to tabulate the shifts and pay manually again!

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