Alyssa Gregory says, “Technology can be a small business owner’s best friend”. It helps with the smooth functioning of work, efficiency, find more clients and save money for the future and will ultimately help the business to become more profitable and productive.

As an owner of a small business you need to know your desire to continue growing and expanding our experience. With limitless time and an unbound budget you can travel the world and participate in business training. This can also be educational events. But because you have started a small business you have limited finances and time restriction with daily challenges. So instead of taking a live training, you can opt to take a free online course. You can expand out your experience and knowledge by sitting in the comfort of your home or office. Once you know this the possibilities are endless.

Nowadays small business owners are not bound to their office chair or computer to do their work. One of the ways the owner can carry their business anywhere is by using telephone service. Cell phones are highly used. Instead of having face-to-face conferences with employees a small business owner can take up the idea of teleconferencing. Not only is it free of charge but it is available anywhere and everywhere. Instead of taking bills from your clients hourly by paper, you can stick to the online way of doing so. You can use time tracking tools and desktop applications with online software to keep you, up to date, accurate and save time.Instead of getting paid in cash technologies now provides many online payment options.

Screen casts can be used for a number of purposes including teaching, demonstrations and lessons. This causes a variation in the level of complexity and functionality. Instead of having hard files it is better to use necessary software that lets you store all your files in the form of software. If you have an important picture on your screen you will not need to pull out your phone to click a picture of the screen. Rather you can use our screen short tools to capture the screen. In case of a presentation instead of just speaking about the topic you can use color graphs and graphic tools to make your presentation colorful and also insert videos to liven up the presentation.

Customer service is important for business owners. Hence you can use your own website you have consumer feedback about your company and its services. These tools enhance your ability to be responsive to your customers’ needs and can manage a company-consumer relationship in a smoother and better way. Technology also helps in reaching your primary computer with a click of a button on your phone. Hence being able to manage work anywhere and everywhere. Open source software provides many alternatives to using commercial applications in the day-to-day management. Open source software is attractive to many businesses because it typically requires no financial investment and provides flexibility. For example, and office software suit with spreadsheets, presentations, word processing, graphics and data bases. Online appointments can help you manage your company in the most effective and efficient way possible. Hence these days technology is highly used in the small business forms

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