Tik- Tok, Tok tok!!! That’s the sound we always here at construction sites, right? Construction companies face unique challenges with HR management due to the highly mobile and ever-changing nature of the work. However, managing employees well and recruiting the right people is absolutely critical in the construction industry. A great HR software solution can help you keep your information straight while empowering your employees so your projects are completed efficiently.

Simplify Time and Attendance Tracking

When you have employees working at multiple job sites and performing various tasks, managing time and attendance can become difficult. HR software solutions may offer several different options for time and attendance tracking that can make it much easier to keep track of every employee than manual time keeping. Employees may be able to clock in using a mobile device or submit their own time sheets for review.

To make record keeping more comprehensive without any extra work, many HR software solutions filter time and attendance information into relevant areas like payroll, benefits, and performance tracking modules. Having this information automatically update can help management to spot things like attendance issues or compliance gaps at a glance. The information will also be stored so that it can be retrieved as needed.

Manage Payroll Challenges

Payroll is automatically expedited when time and attendance information is updated regularly, but HR software can help with other construction payroll challenges, as well. HR managers may have to differentiate union from non-union wages, figure out how to pay contractors versus employees, and deduct according to varying tax rates. The right HR software solution will allow you to set rules that can automate these calculations and prevent errors.

Ensure Compliance with HR Legislation

Construction is inherently a vigorous and labor intensive job, so there are many regulations in place to protect employees. HR software can keep managers and HR professionals updated on all compliance needs, while also making it possible to track and report with just a few clicks. This can help to prevent costly penalties, but it can also keep employees and clients safer by allowing you to easily track and view issues that could potentially cause hazards.

Streamline Recruitment and Set High Standards

Recruiting for a construction company can be difficult. There’s a specific skill set that’s required for any given position, with many different positions needed to accomplish every job. When a single position is vacant or an employee has an attendance or performance issue, it can delay projects or reduce the quality of the work being performed by your company.

Using HR software for recruitment allows you to tap into a larger talent pool and use stringent guidelines and screenings for selecting your new employees. With the right systems in place, you can raise your hiring standards and reduce the time to hire.

Continuously Train Employees

While on the job training is critical, HR software can be used to track certifications and link to learning management systems for theory-based training. Having continuous training in place makes succession planning easier and ensures that your employees have all of the required certifications. Many systems can also be set up to provide alerts regarding certifications that are about to expire.

A HR software solution makes it easier to manage your people, so that they can manage your construction projects.

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