Are you looking for automating your payroll process?? Do you wish to make your payroll process quick and easy??

Payroll may seem very simple but it is very complicated to its core. Calculating and making deductions from employee’s paycheck and paying accurate funds to the right government agency; it is very tedious. Luckily, nowadays various HRMS and payroll software are available in the market, which offers similar capabilities. However, while choosing the best fit for your organization, the first and foremost focus should be on security. The second thing to consider is compatibility and the flexibility of the software. Lastly, the system should also provide you with the view function for the reports and the historical functions.

Among all the payroll solutions, there is a name that stands out of the crowd, ‘Spine HR.’ Spine HRMS  is one of the top HR software in India. It is a multi-functional software with a very great user experience across industries. Spine HR can record and manage complete records of employees within an organisation to fulfill the statutory HR policies. Apart from this, it also takes care of various tasks such as:

  1. Employee Life cycle Management
  2. Attendance Management
  3. Leave Management
  4. Workflow Management
  5. Payroll Management
  6. Performance Management
  7. Recruitment Management
  8. Training and Development

This cloud based application is an automation solution for all HR processes and it lets corporates focus on their most valuable assets, their ‘employee.’

Spine HRMS offers an easy solution to the problem. Its inbuilt payroll management system runs with few clicks to complete payroll calculation, tax calculation, managing allowances, and deduction, and generate payslips. It eases up the burden of your payroll team as it not only runs payroll in a jiffy by automating the process but it also keeps them assured that they will steer clear of any compliance penalty.

This HRMS is developed by a very reputed company, Spine technologies. Their years of expertise and value-added services have helped them earn fame across the globe. Their software is very cost effective and provides faster ROI. All their products are intellectualized, designed and updated with latest technologies.

A brief about Spine Technologies Pvt. Ltd.:

With nineteen years of expertise in Human Resource Management, a team of highly skilled individuals, Spine Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is serving 3000+ corporates across the globe. They have three different product offerings, namely:

  1. Spine HR

Spine HR, a software that takes care of all the day to day activities of the HR department. It handles the entire employee life-cycle within the organization.

2. Spine Payroll

Spine Payroll is a payroll management software that is very simple and user-friendly.

3. Spine Assets

Spine Assets helps you to manage the life-cycle of your fixed assets in a very cost-effective way.

Through their excellent product offering and work integrity, Spine technologies have created a global brand of its name for HR, ASSETS and Value-Added Software’s. Their software solutions are very dynamic yet flexible thereby reducing the dependency of corporates for customized solutions.

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