24X7 Real-Time Engagement

Intuitively designed to improve employee productivity and efficiency, the SpineHR chatbot can be designed to behave like a virtual HR. It can simulate and carry out a real-time conversation with employees and respond to all HR related queries instantly, hence enabling a smarter way to engage 24X7. Switch to a better experience for your employees.

Create Exceptional Employee Experiences

Build an intuitive virtual assistant to answer all the employee queries and resolve issues instantaneously,
while freeing up the HR resources and time for more productive tasks.

Reply Through System

An Artificial Intelligence Technology. Employee can raise the pre-defined queries and system will answer them.


Pre-defined question available for day to day information like knowing leave balance / Latemarks etc.

Request Application

No need to roam through the multiple menu / sub menu option. Ask To Spina (chatbot) and redirects to page.


Though transparency the motto, the chatbot shares the information to employee only self information only.

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